The Origin And Faith Of TOTU

In 2012, originating from the enthusiasm of digital products, Totu Founder started to study and design his own brand of “TOTU” focusing in mobile accessories development.

Simplism, practicality and business are the common characters of TOTU products. Persisting in the perfection of the product quality demanding. TOTU depends on the innovative design and excellent quality, quick foothold in the 3C digital accessories market, and gradually win the favour of the international market, as well as the respect of the same industry.

We take our steps to create new designs every year from 2013


We create the 360° rotary ipad case as a leading design in the market.It offers an unique design with a great personality for a comfort use for iPad.


We first introducing the ring holder on the phone case. We make creative digital accessories in the way of “Simple” and “Practical.


We become the only brand to have all series of phone case with holder


We first creating the zinc alloy USB cable to lead the market trend.


Successfully registered trademark in 30 countries and districts all around the world.


Won the Top 20 brands in 3C digital accessories of Guangdong.


TOTU officially start using our new Chinese name: “拓途”, which means we will start a new journey to further develop our business in the market allover the world!

  • We are the minority who can stick to our faith forever.
  • We dare to challenge all the difficulties and keep with our faith forever .
  • We are focusing on every piece of work, never stop creating. This is our design team.
  • This is TOTU.

Creative Inspiration

TOTU originates from four basic elements:
We will keep these elements in every piece of work and take it as our creation spirit.
We dedicated to make our Totu to be the symbol of “Simplism”, “Practicality” and “Business Style.


We have an extraordinary design team in the creative design center who won the red dot design awards of Germany and the “if award” many times. And they keep learning the newest innovative ideas by doing academic investigation in Europe and America


Every successful product has it’s own spirit. When The team inject all their passion in every product. Passion impact with fashion, create the most magnificent product.


We will keep moving in innovation and beyond ourselves. And follow fashion closely to make our products to be TOP1!


The satisfaction of consumers is the top priority of our work. The using experince and comfort of consumers are the first elements we consider when design every product